La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged Batch #22

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BATCH 22 (blended on 30 October 2015) was distributed as follows:

Type in BATCH
Single Malt Whisky barrels 83%
Acacia wood Medium Toast 9%
New Oak Medium Toast 4%
New Oak High Toast 4%

Oak Aged Batch 22 was mainly matured on German Single Malt barrels. This whisky is considerably smoother and less ‘turfed’ than its Scottish counterparts, as a result of which batch 22 is much smoother than the previous batches that were matured on whisky barrels.
In addition to the malty and smoked aroma, banana, vanilla, honey, apple and blossom scent can also be distinguished. The whisky is clearly present but does not dominate, which means that La Trappe Quadrupel can still clearly be recognised. This results in a balanced fusion of flavours, releasing aromas of almond and smoke. Batch 22 is full of flavour and very complex; with every sip, new flavour associations seem to appear. The aftertaste clearly shows the alcohol, together with the bitterness of wood tannin, which lingers for a while. This may not be the most extreme batch, but thanks to its complexity and overall balanced flavour, we can really recommend it.

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11 %


De Koningshoeven





Температура на сервиране

12° – 18° C


Aged Quadrupel


375 ml.


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